Thursday, April 21, 2011

Glenn Taylor

There's something I need to say before I get farther into my own federal election campaign. Come May 3rd, I will be shutting off my computer and turning off the T.V. to work in my greenhouse and read a fiction or two. I know I won't want to hear... or talk about anything political for some time after the polls close.

As an original member of the new Alberta Party (one of the first 20), I have been amazed by the rapid growth of the party and by the quality of members we are attracting. Among those members is Glenn Taylor, a current leadership hopeful

Long before I knew Glenn Taylor had an interest in the Alberta Party, I'd been watching him as the mayor of the City of Hinton. He'd caught my eye because of his ability to balance being mayor of a resource-based city with a truly inspiring vision for the future. It also happened that I met Glenn's brother, who lives in the town next to me, and got to know a little more about Glenn's family and their history in Alberta.

I would be lying if I said I knew the other candidates for the leadership of the Alberta Party as well as I know Glenn. Yet, I believe their integrity and their unique stories bring our young party even more credibility and I look forward to all of them taking a leadership role in the future of this party.

However, I believe Glenn Taylor's experience as the mayor of the City of Hinton and his experience with the Alberta Municipalities Association make Glenn not only a very strong leader, but an almost certain bet to win his seat as an MLA in our coming provincial election. That's why I am going to be supporting Glenn's bid for the leadership of the Alberta Party.

Those who have shown the courage to put their names forward for the leadership of this new party have my respect and gratitude. I see you as vanguards for the future of Alberta.

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