Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Social Media Almost Got My Message Out

Tonight was the third candidates' forum for the constituency of Leduc-Beaumont.  It was hosted by the Town of Beaumont at the Coloniale Golf & Country Club.  In my invitation, it was noted that the forum would be recorded and posted on public media.  I was thrilled with that.  I've been doing well at each of the forums.  Many have said they've been swayed by my earnestness, my speaking ability and my grasp of the issues... but most importantly that I have been respectful and positive.

Just before we were to be introduced, however, it came to light that the PC MLA was the one sponsoring the filming company that was there to do the filming.  While I was momentarily taken aback that George Rogers was behind the filming, I wasn't fazed for long.  I'm proud of everything I have to say and I'm confident in my ability to articulate my ideas and those of the Alberta Party.

I expressed my disappointment at not being told beforehand that the filming had been requested by the sitting MLA, but I was still happy to have the forum recorded and posted.  The NDP candidate's response was similar to mine.  We haven't seen the Liberal since this thing started so I have no clue how he would have answered.

The MLA apologised for his lack of effective communication and I accepted that.  He may be many things but I believe him to be an honest man and that his intentions were as he told us... simply to use modern social media to spread the forum to a wider audience.

Unfortunately, the Wildrose Party candidate would not have anything to do with the recording.  He claimed his words might be taken out of context... or that segments of the filming might be spliced together to make it appear he'd said something he hadn't.

He may have been entirely earnest... but in light of recent events in which Wildrose Party candidates have shown themselves to lack good judgement and speaking skill, I had to wonder if there was another reason for him to pull the plug on the idea.

I get that the MLA made a mistake not informing all of us.  He said he told the Town of Beaumont but they had not conveyed completely who had the idea to tape and post the forum.  I get that this has been a tough week for Wildrose candidates.  But I also get that we missed a chance to use social media to reach a larger audience.  I accepted George Roger's assurances that the forum would be broadcast in it's entirety.  Although I am running against George, he has never given me any reason to doubt his integrity.

We concluded that if any of us was uncomfortable with the taping and posting of the forum to YouTube, we would not precede with it.  Well... one of us did not agree and instead of perhaps thousands of "hits" we reached the 100 people who took the time to attend.

I'm disappointed.

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