Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Necessary Ask

I’m duly registered as the Alberta Party candidate in the upcoming by election in Edmonton-Whitemud.

It’s been a bit of a rush to get everything done but now that signs are made, pamphlets ordered and website up. I can focus on door-knocking, addressing the issues this by-election will bring front and centre.

It's always my preference, and that of the Alberta Party to run candidates in their own constituencies.  I was preparing to do just that this fall by throwing my name into a nomination contest in my own constituency of Leduc-Beaumont. 

However, when Premier Hancock suddenly resigned, with more than 16 months left before the next general election, the situation changed.  Two people in Whitemud who expressed an interest in running for the Alberta Party in Whitemud in a 2016 general election were unable to do so this by-election.  That left us with the option of putting a paper candidate on the ballot who could not take the time to door knock, meet people, represent the values of the Alberta Party in an active way, meet the media or participate in forums… or we could find someone from outside the constituency willing to do all of that, representing the freshest political option in Alberta.

I volunteered and the Alberta Party accepted.  Now I need to ask for your help.  With an obvious focus on electing our leader, Greg Clark in the by-election in Calgary-Elbow, we are counting on friends in and around Edmonton to help us make a proud and credible showing in Edmonton-Whitemud

Many have already volunteered your time and now that I am the official candidate, I can ask for donations. 

It’s not something I’m comfortable with (and I hope I never will be) but we're all aware how costly elections are.  It is unfortunate former Premier Hancock resigned 16 months early, but while the cost of signs, pamphlets, websites and office space is expensive… the cost of not contesting democratic elections is far higher.

So here I am, cap in hand, counting on my friends and supporters to help us fund this run.  If you have never made a political donation before, you'll be happy to know you will get a tax receipt that will get you back 75% of your donation, up to $200.  That means, if you write a cheque for $100 to support our run, when you submit the receipt with your taxes, you'll get $75 back in a refund.  That means you'll only be out of pocket $25 for supporting me in this race.

I promise everyone that we'll do this as fiscally prudently as possible.  We need signs and pamphlets and a website… and perhaps some office supplies, but we are working out of a volunteer’s home and so our costs will be minimal… far less than the long-established parties with corporate and union connections. 

If you can find it in your heart (and budget) to give us a bit of help, we will use your donation effectively and with great respect.  If I didn't believe the Alberta Party offers the best new option for changing the tone of politics in Alberta, I  wouldn’t be using my vacation to take part in this very important exercise in Alberta’s democratic process. 

Donations can be made through the website or cheques can be made out to "Will Munsey Campaign" and sent to our campaign office ℅ 499 Buchanan Rd,  Edmonton, AB,  T6R 2B5

Whatever you feel comfortable with will help us.  If you have a few hours of time one night, I’d love you to accompany me on the streets of Whitemud, dropping flyers (you don’t even need to knock on doors) or door-knocking and talking with people.

Thanks very much for reading and considering supporting us.

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